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Therapeutic Massage

Linda - Neck

Massage therapy is an effective form of treatment to relieve pain, muscle tension, reduce stress and improve circulation. All massages begin with an evaluation from one of our highly experienced physical therapists in order to better evaluate your massage needs.

Your massages are meant to compliment and enhance your medical plan of care as prescribed by your physician or physical therapist for your particular complaints. Each massage is geared toward your individual needs and what will be the most effective in achieving your therapeutic goals.

Massage Tips

Initial Massage$9020 minute PT evaluation followed by 60 minute massage
30 Minute Massage$4530 minute massage designed to target key problem areas
60 Minute Massage$7060 minutes designed for a full body massage or extra focus on key problem areas
Special Packages:
  • Purchase a 3 Massage Pack and receive a 10% discount.
  • Purchase a 5 Massage Pack and receive a 15% discount.

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